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August 17th  or  August 24th

Make sure this date matches your lease contract. The move in date is not optional. 

Send electric account number & renters insurance declaration page to:

Don't forget to pay 1st installment rent on or before move in! 

To our new students, welcome! And to our returning students, welcome back!


The following information is intended to help make your move as simple as possible. Move-in day can be hectic, but there will be plenty of staff members available to assist you, help you move in, and let you know that we're glad you're here! Remember, patience and flexibility are key to making your move-in day a success! If you wish to add parking to your lease contract, we ask that you do so before move-in. Doing this will streamline the process of filling out paperwork. 


We recommend downloading and then reading the applicable PDF documents below:

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